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Still listed as open

The Canada Flight Supplement up to 10 September 2020 still lists this airport as open, with a note warning that "Rwy 10/28 and 16/34 sfcs deteriorating." From various comments, it doesn't sound practical to use, but someone is still keeping it on the books.

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(no subject)

Update 5/8/2020 airfield appears to be in despair. There is no windsock at the airfield just a bare pole the airport has fences surrounded it with no-trespassing signs on them. All the structures located at the airfield or in close-proximity to it are in complete and utter despair

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Abandoned Airport

This is a typical WWII aeroport with its delta-shaped runways, of which only one was used more or less continuously after the war. As per my low and over in June 2010, the 10/28 and 16/34 are not landable, unless you have Tundra tires! "Unregistered" runway (the only one with something that looks like a surface) is used for drag-racing, there are cars and trailers parked near it. Overall the airport does not look as active. I have asked locals, no one even considered it as a usable airport.

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