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Clearing Customs from Canada to USA at Ross International Ai

One of my biggest mistakes in 20+ years of flying. I took my Cessna C172N in to what is known as Ross Inteernational Airport. Nice name but a poor excuse for an airport let alone 'International'. Just about bought the farm on this venture. Rough sod, no facilities and the Customs Officer was unfriendly because I didn't phone 2 hours prior to landing even though I had phoned earlier in the week and completed the e-aptis thing, my bad I guess. Taking off was the test, picked the wrong direction, slighly up hill, thought there was no wind but there was in the wrong direction. I really thought I was going to end up in the vehicle border crossing building. Should have taken off west and taken my chances of crashing into the cemetary. Never going in there again.

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Clear US Customs here going to the USA

I crossed the border at Coutts Alberta (CEP4) in July 06. There is a little grass runway that runs East-West right along the border, the US side of the border is Sweetgrass Montana (K7S8). The highway border crossing is only 100 yards away, so the agent just walks over, like at Piney in Manitoba. I think THY was parked with the tailwheel in Canada and the front tires in the US. The border runs along the side of the runway.

There are several little air strips like this between Chilliwack BC and Piney in Manitoba. Because they are only yards from a customs office, they only require one hour advance notice (to avoid that $5000US fine). Check the AOPA International Operations website or the AOPA Airport Guide for the latest advance notice requirements for the specific airport.

When I phoned to give my one-hour notice, the US Customs agent asked me to confirm I was flying a taildragger and suggested I should not land here if it was wet, since it can be very rough.

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