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Shrinkwrap, Quickwrap Scaffold & Containment Solutions

Anyone who might be interested in shrinkwrapping valves, motors electrical etc. for shipping and storing can contact us @ 780-720-2762 Miles Slobodian

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re: Parking

Mike were you able to come up with anything? I too am looking for hanger space.


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Just wondering if there is hangar space or ramp space available for long term parking? If so, what would be the going rate?

Thank You!


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Clubhouse operational!

Pilots, when flying into Beiseker there is now a place to relax and take a break. The Beiseker airport clubhouse is a volunteer run "terminal" facility. There is chairs to sit in and a washroom in the back. Dial up the emergency frequency to get in the door. Thanks in advance for dropping by. While in Beiseker, Fuel is available from the Alberta Skydivers.

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Airplane Hangars

My name is Robb Ferguson.

I am with Twin Peaks Construction Ltd. in Calgary.

We Manufacture Pre-Engineering Steel Buildings.

We can manufacure airplane hangars at a reasonable price.

If this is of interest to you please contact us at:


325-36th Ave. N.E.

Calgary, Alberta T2E-2L6

Phone :(403)457-3364 Fax : (403)457-5722

Thank you

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