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Picture of Pilotharry

Friendly airport - Great owner!

We, Harry(Zodiac 600) and a Roy(Challenger II), landed at this field as a diversion due to weather and picked up by a friendly pilot (Rick) who lives in town and offered us a place to spend night. Came back later part of the day to tiedown the planes and were extreamly happy/pleased to see that the owner had already anchored and tied them for us :). Neat place to see the glider activity and a plane that they use to tow glider up.

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Airfield Data

Coordinates: N43°48.62' / W80°26.12'

View all Airports in Ontario, Canada.

Elevation is 1525 feet MSL.

Magnetic Variation is 10° West

Time Zone is UTC-5(4).

Operations Data

Airport Use: Prior Permission Required

Status: Registered

Airport Communications

Aerodrome Traffic Frequency (ATF) traffic 123.4 3NM 4600 ASL

Nearby Navigation Aids

ID Name Freq Radial / Range

VOD YWT WATERLOO 115.00 001° 21.2

VOD YMS MANS 114.50 221° 23.6

VOD YTP PEARSON 116.55 294° 34.6

VOD YYZ TORONTO 112.15 294° 36.1

ID Name Freq Bearing / Range

VOD ZKF WELLINGTON 335 171° 20.1



VOD S7 HANOVER 268 318° 34.3

Runway 14/32

Dimensions: 1800 x 60 feet.

Surface: turf

Runway 14 Runway 32

Runway Heading: 141° 321°

Runway 05/23

Dimensions: 1100 x 40 feet.

Surface: turf

Runway 05 Runway 23

Runway Heading: 051° 231°

Runway Conditions Reporting Source Operator May-Oct ltd hrs. No win maint. Rwy soft in spring.

Public Facilities

Location Facilities Remarks

On Aerodrome Telephone

Within 5 NM Food

Within 30 NM Taxi, Medical Aid, Accomodations, Car Rental

Flight Planning

Instructions NOTAM FILE CYKF

Flight Information Centre (FIC) London 866-WXBRIEF (Toll free within Canada) or 866-541-4104 (Toll free within Canada & USA)

Aerodrome Operator Mac McCulloch 519-831-0967 Reg PPR

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