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Brampton-Caledon CNC3 Airport weather

Brampton-Caledon Airport weather - or

Up to the minute transcribed weather - toll-free: 1-833-WXB-CNC3

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The airport

Brampton Airport is owned and operated by the Brampton Flying Club , which is a non profit organization started in 1946.

It is one of the few if not the only such Club in North America to own it's own facility.

It is owned by the members for the members and has trained thousands of pilots for pleasure and the Airline industry since it,s inception 65 years ago.

It is home to the Great War Flying Museum, a large homebuilders facility and has extensive maintenance and repair shops.

It provides a service to the local community for Industry and pleasure.

With close to a thousand members it is a vital link in the Aviation field.

Wm. M. Pomeroy. Life member and proud supporter.

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Love and Hate Airport

Brampton is super-cute, with its nicely painted buildings, nice little restaurant and a smallish pilot shop. You can actually see some bunnies eating flowers in front of the Caledon office early in the morning.

Brampton is a mess, with its packet parking, piles of airplanes moving in all directions, super-lame unicom and traffic chat, people doing circuits of all sizes and cutting in front of each other.

Brampton flying center is all about making money. Big money with lots of international students. Membership fee, enrollment fee, fee for this and fee for that... Noticeable overload over the already not-so-cheap prices. Not good for renters.

FBO work appears like being organized back in time, and hugely deteriorated afterwards. Things like forms, flight documents, internet access and such look like they were thought out, but then dropped into "no one cares, just take it as it is" mode.

Brampton is one of the two locations in all GTA where you can actually rent a SuperCub! Checkout will cost you just about two thousand dollars to go solo (keeping in mind all the fees and taxes).

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Car rental

Car rentals are available through the Brampton Flying Club ( You have to prearrange them, and a local agency (not one of the big chains) will leave the car in the parking lot for you. You drop off at the airport as well, and someone comes out from Brampton to pick up the car.

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Gas pumps

The last time I was there, the pumps at Brampton were set up like an automobile gas station -- they were on an island, with a little booth in the middle for the attendant. You taxi to either side of the pumps, get a fill up, then taxi on. The Brampton Flying Club (one of Canada's biggest) is the FBO, and has a slick operation running inside.

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Great War Flying Museum

The Great War Flying Museum ( is at this airport. On nice weekends, you can often share the circuit with a Fokker, Sopwith Camel, etc. in WWI markings.

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Very busy airport

For a small airport, it certainly is busy. Very active flight school, with lots of people training.

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