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Beautiful Airport

Flew here yesterday evening, great approach for runway 26 over the lake. Just keep your eyes on the numbers and you'll be clear of the trees. Will be returning, there was no traffic when I arrived around 20:00 local.

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Good prediction Tony

I flew in for the first time today. I should have read the comments first, as I came in high an plopped it just like Tony predicted. I'll be back there later this year & will do better on the landing. I've heard that they will be adding a North/South runway this year for the G20 Summit at Deerhurst.


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Challenging Approach/Landing

This was the first time landing at an aiport with a "shorter" runway (~2500'). The worst landing I've ever done (almost a 90 degree crosswind). Obsticals on both end of the runways (trees) so be careful on those hot/humid days.

Approach for 27 flies right over my friends cottage.

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Fall Colours

A very popular fall fly-in destination - the scenary is beautiful. There can be lots of traffic on fly-in days. The approach is over the lake, with terrain rising to the runway - and the runway is narrow, so you might be high the first time you attempt this airport.

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