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Updated runway ids to match NavCanada data.

Updated runway id from 02/20 to 03/21 to match NavCanada data.

-- team.

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Great little airport. Fantastic buttertarts!

Known for their legendary buttertarts, be sure to add this to your list for the 100$ hamburger.

Occasional wildlife, so keep an eye out, and it's a popular training spot.

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Not the prettiest - but the cheapest

Airport is slowly getting flixed up - but in some places - they only painted a turd.

Runway is nice - but backtrack for 13 can be a pain. Grass strip is not bad - and makes a nice shortcut to clear runway/get to the terminal on busy days. Wildlife can often be a problem on the runways.

What comes after greasy spoon?? ... because that is what the restaurant is. (but some of the food - and the hours - are good)

Cheapest fuel in Southern Ontario - and their new cardlock can get pretty busy on most days because if it.

Unicom/FBO folks are extremely helpful. The AME onsite at the local shop (which restores/repowers old See-Bees) is very good

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Up and running

Check out the airports new website

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Nice place!

Cute little airport, very well maintained and easy to find. Rather busy local traffic - lots of planes in the nearby Claremont training area and next to the lake Scugog - so keep listening (and advising) on the 122.9 before getting close to Lindsay. It is also a popular destination for the local "100$ hamburger" cross-countries, check out their restaurant next to the FBO! :-)

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Petition to save Lindsay Airport

Local government is considering whether to keep Lindsay Airport open or sell off the land to developers. Here's the online petition to keep the airport open:

As you can see from the other comments, this is a popular airport with transient pilots.

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Missed my chance

I skipped the restaurant since it was a refuelling stop in the morning, but it sounds like I missed some good food. The FBO staff were very friendly as well.

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Butter tarts

Butter tarts yes. Also - there are go carts next to the field. It's a back track runway - though so don't be too tight on the plane in front of you.

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Famous for the best buttertarts anywhere!

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Decent food

Linday has a small restaraunt on the airfield that has decent food and seems to attract a fair amount of locals from town. One of the better on airport restaraunts in southern Ontario

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