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Just don't. They're throwing everyone out. It will probably close.

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Not allowing landings

Just spoke with owner and at present they are not permitting planes to land.

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(no subject)

Belleville Aerodrome CNU4 is not closed and is still owned and operated by David Byrd under the existing PPR.

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is this airport still open

is it still open?

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No Longer open to public

I Called and spoke with a very nice lady while looking for hangar space and she advised me they were allowing those who were there already to stay, but no longer accepting inbound flights as they want to keep private. FYI

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Contact Info

Who is running the Belleville Airport? Is there contact info avalible?

Blue Sky

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Jim Marker

Jim passed away last year. The airport remains open.

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airport condition

this airport has excellent approaches from east or west with no wires or trees, runway is grass but smooth ,two mooney,s flight off here as well as twins and other 4 place aircraft. The airport is own by jim marker . Members of the flying club currently do the grass cutting. David Byrd has been doing the bulk of the

work along with Mike Fox. the field is prior permission only at this time.

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A Brief History

Have you ever eaten a bag of Cheezies? If yes, you have a connection to this airport as it is owned by Jim Marker, the inventor of Cheezies.

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