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Baldwin Airport
Baldwin, Ontario, Canada

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Noise abuse

The constant flying over Sutton must stop, very loud aircraft and it all day long.

I am contacting T/C and lodging a complaint!

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Stop flying over the homes in Sutton

There is one plane that continually flies over the homes in Sutton. Please stop, you are a complete nuisance.

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What year did Baldwin Open?

What year did Baldwin Airport open 1958?

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Ultralighter's Heaven

This is a small airport with lots of lively aviation spirit in it. Lots of challengers becuse of a challenger builder, inspector and a instructor on site. Also a home base for the Advanced ultralight SONEX aircraft. This is one airport where you will find minimum 'dead' aircrafts sitting collecting sun or dust. Very helpful community and the parachute school loves pilots who talk to them on radio. A easy airport to fly in, provided you talk to unicom and clear your intentions.

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Please stop flying over Lake Simcoe. It is as you comment below says (those living in the trailor park) utterly annoying and completely destroying the peace and solitude of the lake.

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re: Ultralight and Skydivers base

Reply to @dazuppa:

The trailer parks, 3 of them, are WEST of the airport, both patterns are EAST of the field.

The best way to get field info is by calling the Airport Manager found in the CFS listing, the nice folks at Toronto Aerosports are often not there for days on end.

The Parachute School of Toronto (info is available at www dot parachuteschool dot com) who also run a C-206 and several others on occasion will happily tell you what they are doing currently also.

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Ultralight and Skydivers base

Baldwin is a home for Toronto Aerosports ultralight flying group (http://www.torontoaerosport.com/) Airport community mostly operates Challengers (like a dozen of those), but there are also Savannah, two Merlins, and a bunch of other interesting machines on tie-downs - even a Piper twin. Ultralight people are sharing the airport with skydivers, please check the NOTAMs! Skydivers are currently using a Shorts Skywan - if it's not on the ground, it might be dropping people right over the field...

No flying over the Eastern side of the airport - there is a trailer park which habitants are not at all happy with any aircraft passing above them. So runway 01 is a RH circuit, and if you need to join a left downwind for 19 - you may have to do that from south, looking for the traffic. Always stay on the frequency and look out for NORDO aircrafts in the area.

In any case, if unfamiliar with the area, I strongly suggest calling Toronto Aerosport people on the phone and ask for advisory before attempting to land or closely overfly Baldwin. They are good people and will help.

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