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Our flight to Grosse le

Our two father-and-son pilots from Montmagny Airport were excellent - just felt like driving in a car. I just knew they could do this trip blindfolded! Not only did we get 'the tour' but they also located several flocks of Snow Geese for me. Great take-off and soft landing. Thanks to both of you.

Judy and Alex Eberspaecher, Travel Journalists and P

hotographers, Oakville, Ontario

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Atterissage sur gazon?

Est-ce possible et permis d'atterir sur le gazon avec un PA-18 chez vous? Si oui, quelle partie est la meilleure? S.V.P. repondre ici. Merci.

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While you're in Montmagny...

one of the pilots for Air Montmagny also produces and sells maple syrup from his farm. 7.50$ CAD a can and it's very good. Available from the FBO.

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Air Montmagny URL

Here's the URL for Air Montmagny:


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Air Montmagny

This airport, a bit over 30 nautical miles west of Quebec City, is the home of Air Montmagny, which must have one of the shortest regular air routes in the world -- during the winter, when the ferry to the island isn't operating, they fly passengers back and forth to รŽle-aux-Grues Airport (CSH2), less than 4 nautical miles (7 kilometers) away. I made an unscheduled stop here for fuel in summer 2006 after a long diversion around a thunderstorm, and if I remember correctly, Air Montmagny also operated the FBO.

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