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Home of the St-Lazare Flying Club


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Shared zone and frequency with Les Cèdres

This airport is only a few miles to the north of the busier Les Cèdres/Cedars (CSS3), and shares a common zone and ATF frequency of 123.5 MHz (also the frequency for Ottawa/Rockcliffe CYRO, so it gets busy).

Like Les Cèdres, it's under Montreal Terminal's class C shelf, so if you're VFR, you need to stay below 2,000 ft MSL unless you're talking to them. It's a flat area with lots of fields and no high towers, so low flight isn't a problem.

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3.5 nauticals from les cedres

the airport is 3.5 nauticals from les cedres airport.....

I suspect possible conflicts in the patters if flying a large one.

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Re: Canada Customs

The St. Lazare airport is not a designated airport of entry for the Canadian Border Services Agency. Les Cedres airport to the south is an airport of entry designated for CANPASS permit holders only. Otherwise, you will need to clear at CYUL, CYMX, CYHU or CSE4 (Lachute).

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canada customs

that is a great comment, I was wondering how the customs checks are done at St. LAzare airport??

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True grass roots aviation

This little airport is one of the nicest, and friendliest places to fly in/out of in the country. An active COPA wing operates here and there is always an interesting mix of ultralights, homebuilts and general aviation machines of all types - some real classics.

There is a certified ROTAX service center located here, and the Jabiru Canada agent is based here too (or was until recently - has Gord moved to his Lancaster home airport now?) ...

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