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Montreal / Marina Venise Seaplane Base
Montréal, Quebec, Canada

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What a surprise!

I was in Montreal on Sunday 6 June, riding in the Tour de l'Isle bicycle ride. (I'm a cyclist and a pilot.) So, I was riding along Boulevard Gouin with about 25000 other cyclists, enjoying the river and the neighborhood, when suddenly this lot full of seaplanes appeared on my left. I almost fell off the bike! I couldn't believe it. What a neat seaplane base!

My suggestion to the operators - sign up to get one of Montreal's wonderful Bixi public bicycle stations at the base. Central downtown is an easy 15 km from the base, and Montreal is an extremely bike-friendly city. For those who haven't experienced Bixi, these are public bike stations. You put in your credit card, pay $5, and take a bike. Ride to wherever you're going, return the bike to the nearest Bixi rack (they're everywhere), and pick up another one for your return trip.

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Marina Venise

Marina Venise is also close to downtown, but no easy public transit connexion to Montreal. 100LL available but no maintenance. There is also a helipad.

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