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No food

There is no food available at Baie-Comeau except for some junk-food vending machines and a coffee machine. There is a room that used to be a cafeteria -- it still has tables and a microwave -- but there's nothing served there any more. Staff told me that the nearest food is in town, about 18 km away (I think).

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Baie-Comeau has both a landing fee and a terminal fee. The security guard collects it, before she or he lets you back onto the field through the locked door. I think that they're around $15 each, but they were waived for my Hope Air flight. You pay for gas from the FBO inside the terminal near the checkin desks, so you can't just stay outside to avoid the fees.

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Using the mandatory frequency

Baie-Comeau is a mandatory-frequency airport, with a remote transmitter run by Mont-Joli; however, unlike other MF fields, Mont-Joli does *not* want you to make any traffic calls on the MF (they chastized me over the radio when I announced that I was taking the runway for departure) except what they ask for.

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Approach over the Water

I did a Hope Air flight from Montreal to Baie Comeau. We filed IFR and the passengers got a little restless when we flew the DME Arc out over the water to approach from the East. They could see lots of water below us and ahead of us, and the aircraft seemed quite low. After we turned inbound, they saw the runway and relaxed a little. I was just glad they waited until we were on the ground before telling me that the approach over the water made them very nervous.

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