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Kugluktuk Airport
Kugluktuk, Nunavut, Canada

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Kugluktuk (aka Coppermine pre-1996)

100 LL is available here. Time-expired but still good. Drums are sealed. About $450 per drum, full drums only. Co-Op is the dealer (867) 982-4231. Call-out charges after-hours. Bring your own pump, bung wrench and filter.

No tie-downs. 5,500 x 150 gravel.

Overnight stays not recommended if on floats due to exposed location, limited beach area and vandalism. Since you won't get an overnight hotel room during the summer anyway, fly out to a good fishing spot and camp for the night.

No camping at the airport but there is a campsite about a mile from the airport. No taxi - you'll have to bum a ride (what can I say - we're embarrassingly backward!).

Contact the local resident pilot (through the RCMP) for possible assistance.

larrywh AT netkaster.ca for further info.

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