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Second World War

From 1941 to 1944, St-Hubert hosted the No. 13 Service Flying Training School of the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan (BCATP), on the military side of the airfield that formerly served as RCAF Station St-Hubert (later CFB St-Hubert until the 1990s, when it was decommissioned).


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Great Airport

Easy to use and easy access to downtown Montreal

Pascan was a very reasonably priced FBO

Helpful and cooperative !!

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There's a new FBO at the end of Juliet threshold 24R called H-18 i think. They only serve Jet-A, but they offer the best service on the field. Pascan is crowded with their own airplanes and they rarely have hangar space available. h18 saved me this winter, they gave me an amazing price, even though I was in a 172 and couldn't buy fuel from them. Definitely a place to check out. And they are only 15 minutes driving from downtown!

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Link to current landing fees

The current landing fees for CYHU is available at http://www.dashl.ca/cgi-bin/index.cgi?page=c1_3&langue=eng

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re: flying

Yup Laurentide is still around in Les Cedres.

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I started flying there in the 70s, best experience at the time.

Is Laurentide Aviation still around?

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re: Landing Fee ($8.67)

Les Cedres would be faster (but further) than St. Hubert, and Mascouche would more difficult than both to get into downtown. If you're cabbing, I suppose the St. Hubert landing fee would be justified, but be sure to check fuel prices too!

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re: Landing Fee ($8.67)

Lommer: thanks for the comment on YHU -- I haven't been there since they brought in the landing fee. How are Mascouche and Ceders for getting into downtown Montreal compared to St-Hubert? It would be pretty easy to burn more than $8.67 in extra round-trip transportation costs.

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Landing Fee ($8.67)

Beware the landing fee! If you need the runway room then by all means use St. Hubert, but in my opinion, Maschouche and Les Cedres are preferable if you're going to Montreal.

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There is a very large shopping centre (mall) a short taxi ride away. I used to take an aircraft here for an annual inspection and my significant other would take advantage of the time in Montreal for some serious clothes shopping, the kind of shopping that you cannot do in Eastern Ontario. (This sounds wierd, but an ex-Montrealer would understand what I meant.)

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