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Great Runway

Great efficient airport, helpful Unicom and not a lot of traffic.

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Change the identifier to CYLS

I use the airport all the time for our private jet. When every inch counts.... What happened to the extra foot...If we find it can we still use it?...LOL!

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I wrote to the FAA about the fact that they still have this listed as CNB9, and they wrote me back asking exactly when it changed. The person asking said "I need this information to track down in what AIRAC Canada publication it was modified for FAA's history file and as an authorized source to update of FAA (NASR) data base." Anybody here know when it changed?

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Would you believe...

The FAA still has this listed as CNB9 instead of CYLS. I've sent them an update.

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Re: Airport facilities

Great place to do flight training. Lot's of room and not overly busy. Great little pizza/sub/coffee shop with tables inside and a nice deck with umbrellas outside. They do breakfast on weekends. Airport staff are helpful and terminal is nice. Could use a few pictures on the walls though.

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Re: Runway Data

Updated the Pilot info (actually the runway in now 6001' long... but what is a foot between users).

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Runway Data

As of the end of Oct. 2010 the Runway is now 6000' x 100' with a partial parallel taxiway.

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Business Port

Top-notch business airport. Terminal is much bigger inside than it looks from the outside. There is some GA life in and around, but it is obviously built for the big bucks and biz jets. Unicom is helpful and all the services are in place, just don't expect that cozy feeling of the local aviation community, etc. Lake Simcoe is a totally different category - and aparently a good one in what it is.

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Home Airport

This is my home airport. I fly with Future Air. Excellent service, well maintained.

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Not Very GA Friendly.

The staff there are great but the airport in general seems to be more concerned with the corporate jet scene. Avgas is expensive ~1.55L + GST. I usually go to collingwood because it is usually much cheaper! Good runway to practice on, there are two flight schools there Future Air and Canadian Flyers International.

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Landed at night

I only did a few touch and goes at this airport, at night.

ARCAL works as published ;)

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