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Association of Students Pilots - Academy of Aeronautics of C

We love to fly, we love to learn more, it is our passion. www.academyofaeronautics.com take an appointment and Come visit us

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Expensive AOE

Montreal area airports are a real rip off for the Ramp fees for a brief stop to satisfy Canadian customs

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Night Flying to CYMX

Well worth the night flight just for the Runway Lights! - Very Friendly Airport.

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Training Airport

I did some IFR training at Mirabel. It's almost a shame that such a large, sprawling airport is largely closed (many taxiways, one runway, no passenger service, etc). At least it provides the local flight schools with a great place to train for ILS approaches and not worry about all sorts of commercial flights coming and going.

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Trudeau's legacy

Flew out of Mirabel once, on my way to Italy (via Amsterdam). Huge beautiful terminal. It has since been closed to passenger planes, now strictly used for freight (UPS, FedEX, etc.), I believe.

Canada's PM at the time, Pierre Elliot Trudeau decided that Montreal was going to be the largest city in Canada some day (Toronto ended up winning that title), so confiscated farmland north-west of Montreal to build the airport. It never had the anticipated traffic, and was closed a number of years ago to passenger traffic.

Ironically, the power's that be decided to re-name Montreal's commercial airport, Dorval, to Pierre Elliot Trudeau, after Trudeau died.

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