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What a shame!

Restaurant is great, and with renovations complete and the new school onsite, airport is now bee-hive of activity - but what was once a beautiful and accessible airport in cottage country has become a money grab for management (Loomex)

Price for fuel is also very high. There are no more GA friendly airport gestures ...including (but certainly not limited to) no more overnight tie down waived with fuel, no more waiving or reducing tie-down for aircraft unexpectedly grounded with mechanical issues or weathered in. Hangars are also nice but extremely expensive.

Everyone originally thought that the increase in volume would help keep costs down, but with Loomex (operating at their healthy margin) now involved with a back-office load of people, almost everything has a new (2x) cost. Anything remaining that does not - soon will. Same story at Lindsay but without renovations or a flying school.

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Restaurant onsite is very good. More than decent coffee, a yummy home-made soup, good sandwiches.

DO NOT BUY GAS HERE - it was $1.77+HST ($2.02) from teh ESSO truck. In contrast, the member price at Rockcliffe is $1.65 (and CYRP and CYSH are similar in price to CYRO).

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Website for Peterborough Airport Restaurant

It's The Landing 27 Bistro


The website has the hours of operation and the menu.

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Peterborough Airport Restaurant


Subject: Peterborough Airport Restaurant

The Peterborough Airport Restaurant is opening this Friday March 23, 2012 under

new management. The hours of operation are Mon to Sat 7:30 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

and Sunday 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

Hope you will spread the word.


Nancy Hewitt

Operations Coordinator

Peterborough Airport

705-743-6708 Ext 2171

Here's a link to the new menu:


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The new nicest airport in the area

Airport has been completely renovated. Runway is even longer. New restaurant in main terminal. (along with a few snack machines)

Fuel costs as much as Greenbank - but is full serve here - and has fully stocked FBO!

Usually very busy - but also very friendly. Has a nasty backtrack for 09. (but most small GAs only backtrack the first 1/4 mile or so from Delta - and I have seen a few roll right from Delta)

Has grass strip too that even some of the twins will use...but can be soggy in spring or after good rain.

Neat collection of old wrecks in north corner, dc3, tri-pacer and a few other interesting derelicts.

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Interesting Airport

Peterborough is used as one of the default cross-country destinations by Island Air flight school (and a bunch of others, I believe), so I've been there three times while working on my license. Overall perception - long, rather narrowish (for the length) runway, very friendly and useful unicom operator, cute little FBO hut and always something interesting flying around. A twin working on IFR training mission around the Peterborough NDB, Moonies, Bonanzas, Cubs, Robinsons, everything else GA landing and taking off - and ultimately a bunch of jets sitting at the airport where they get painted, refurbished! I like this airport, it has this comfortable feeling that everything is ok around it.

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Hangar Space

Good hangar space available for light and medium sized aircraft with Trillium Aviation Corp.

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CYPQ - Peterborough

Spent the weekend with relatives. Parking = $8.00/night. Friendly FBO. Beautiful runway for an a/p of this tfc volume.

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