WIC weather

Wick Airport
Wick, Scotland, United Kingdom

Public forecast

Using degrees Celsius for public forecast. Weather courtesy of forecast.io.

Current aviation weather report (METAR) for Wick Airport

Report is more than 6 hours old.

Retrieved 2019/12/08 16:50 UTC (12 hours ago):

EGPC 081650Z 24010KT 9999 VCSH FEW008CB 04/02 Q0970

Closest aviation forecast (TAF) to Wick Airport

Closest forecast is RAF Lossiemouth, 45.9 nm (85.0 km) S. Retrieved 2019-12-09 03:00 UTC (2 hours ago):

TAF TAF EGQS 090149Z 0903/0921 34018G28KT 9999 FEW022 SCT040 TEMPO 0903/0905 35025G42KT 4000 +SHRA SHGR SCT014 BKN018CB PROB40 TEMPO 0905/0913 35022G38KT 3000 SHRASN SCT020 PROB30 TEMPO 0905/0910 BKN020CB BECMG 0910/0913 31015G25KT BECMG 0913/0916 29010KT