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From the Otter pilot

Pilot notes: Find airport info on airport information

For Tidal info, consult the tables for "Barra North Bay". Generally speaking when the tide is below 3.0 meter the runways are usable. The first to be flooded is runway 29, then 33, lastly 25.

There are normally two scheduled flights a day with a turn-around time of 20-30 minutes. The twin otters will receive priority so plan a landing and departure at other times. Schedules are at irregular, but published times.

It is advisable to phone Barra airport authority before departure.

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The only airport in the world where you need to consult tide tables before making your flight plan - the runways are only usable at low tide.

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Tried to fill in the missing parts

...Seems as though some of the parts I couldn't find, anyone else care to do it, here is the official airport map for BRR/EGPR...

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Landing on the beach

This airport has scheduled service from Twin Otters that land on the beach.

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