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Faizabad airport

Ram lala international airport faizabad

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Faizabad airport bigest dream in my life

very good idea for our from gov. side bcecause faizabad most important cities in U P. So i want here airport in holly place ram janmabhumi Ayodhya.

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faizabad airport discriminated

how can some one expect improvement in faizabad airport from government when govt has panned a elevated highway at approach of runway at eastern end. can they remove the highway or else planning to remove the runway from maps and sell for the properties.

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re: re: ayodhya airport is a pre. gift for thr citizens.

Gov and Politicians ar not doing any thing for this holy city faizabad

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re: ayodhya airport is a pre. gift for thr citizens.

Faizabad city is important city of india but the gov of india and U.P is not do any thing for it ya it has every thing like an international stadium but half is built when it will open for to play i don't know but don't forgot faizabad was the ancient capita of U.P....faizabad airport must be open for to thos who want to come and se lord Ram in ayodha flight must arive and depart from fzd to other places of india .....,

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faizabad airport

what is the name of faizabad airport

is it named falcon avaition academy

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when airport will start functioning

when airport will start its function for civilians or connect it self from important places in India and world

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ayodhya airport is a pre. gift for thr citizens.

this is very good thinking of our gov. to give us this gift as helicharter service and pilot training in our holly city ayodhya.

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Former military airfield

This was formerly Faizabad Air Force Station, but is now being redeveloped as a civilian airport.

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