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re: It is in Kanpur

it is on the outskirts of Kanpur city and is used as an educational facility for students of IIT Kanpur and a research and development facility for some industrial collaborations

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(no subject)

Vor is actually in the east by almost 500 mtrs compared to the map

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Gorakhpur airport make domestic airport

Gorakhpur airport make domestic airport.

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Faizabad airport

Ram lala international airport faizabad

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I wish to own this airport private.private and lonely

What about voices.

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riyadh to Varanasi

Hello I need to saudi arabia in riyadh to Varanasi flight sir direct please thanks

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Hindon Air Force Station

The Hindon air Force station is the largest Air Force Station situated in the city of Ghaziabad in U.P. And National Capital Region. (NCR)

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Just Airport

Everybody know Indra Gandhi International Airport must be needed second International Airport but where there are only one solution and thats is meerut because after delhi meerut is the most population city in ncr. And 4th of the state population .

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wil there come domestic airport by and of 2014?

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why it is only for air force?

I dont know why there is not airlines facility.! it is only for use of airforce

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Faizabad airport bigest dream in my life

very good idea for our from gov. side bcecause faizabad most important cities in U P. So i want here airport in holly place ram janmabhumi Ayodhya.

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Agra is known in world,s through the medium of Tajmahal .But if we saw the development of agra in last day,s then here nothing development . No airport in agra and also no international stadium nd nothing too much thing comparison to other state .So i think agra development is nothing than other...

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Plz visit at once here.....its a gr8 city in saharanpur dist


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faizabad airport discriminated

how can some one expect improvement in faizabad airport from government when govt has panned a elevated highway at approach of runway at eastern end. can they remove the highway or else planning to remove the runway from maps and sell for the properties.

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hai hind

i am proud of himself because i born in saharanpur city which have a great indian air-force station

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re: re: ayodhya airport is a pre. gift for thr citizens.

Gov and Politicians ar not doing any thing for this holy city faizabad

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air base

this is fake..!!!! its isnt palam..!!! its somewhere in dehradoon...!! n its army helipad not RAW..!

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Gorakhpuries ? Jago dosto

This is an open letter to all Gorakhpuries.

Dear Friends ..!!

Its high time to do to or die ?

What you are doing, we have given so many great leaders form our place, But still people see as backward part of UP, What we don't have.?..That is zeal & a good leaders. Now my concern is why don't you lead the society. For what you are waiting ?

You are the leader..you are the best..so what you are waiting for some one else to start the game? You play the game & lead the society.

Once you start thinking that you are the leader.. people will follow you...

So take this opportunity to remove the corruption & try to help our Gorakhpur to be no 1 city in Uttar Pradesh.

First Resolution is:- Kushinagar as International Airport

2nd- Gorakhpur as second capital of UP (a new bench of high court, International Stadium, State Tourism head office, Sub unit of State Assembly)

3rd- To oppose the local Gundas & corrupted people (we need to create a small team to keep our society safe)

4rth- You Think of it ?

Jai Hind

Jai Bharat..

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Reg: International Airport

Gorakhpur is a city which has so many visiting places, i'e Gorakhnath Temple, Lumbini, Kushinagar, Ayodhya, Phokhra, Kathmandu, Sonauli, many more. There is only one airport, Airport is there but flight frequency is very very less. The visitor form Japan, China, Phillipins comes to visit Kushinagar, a holy place of Lord budhaa. Now government has proposed to built an international airport in Kushinagar, ...Now its time to wait and see what our new CM is going to do....and does he really want to built airport?

Japan government has also supported in terms of money. Lets watch the live game.

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can I park

do civil flights land there. Can I park my private plane there. I have six of them!!!!

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New terminal building

New terminal building is eco-friendly, with natural light.

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making more areobridge

chaudhary charan Singh international airport is better than banglore airport

but I have less areobridge makes atleast 6 areobridge

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re: Amend to the NAV Aid featured here

Thank you - I've updated the navaid entry. Do you happen to know if it's in the same location?

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Amend to the NAV Aid featured here

The NDB is no longer in operation. Replaced by a VOR-DME. Identifier FSG. Frequency 114.30. Morse ..-. ... --.

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It is in Kanpur

It should be located in Kanpur in your website

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faizabad airport

what is the name of faizabad airport

is it named falcon avaition academy

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2 visit .

I want 2 visit here

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when airport will start functioning

when airport will start its function for civilians or connect it self from important places in India and world

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ayodhya airport is a pre. gift for thr citizens.

this is very good thinking of our gov. to give us this gift as helicharter service and pilot training in our holly city ayodhya.

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Tower : 122.50

Approach : 122.65

Company : 129.95

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Former military airfield

This was formerly Faizabad Air Force Station, but is now being redeveloped as a civilian airport.

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