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Hisar<=>Chandigarh route timing

Hisar --> Chd : 2 flights daily @9am & 4pm

Chd --> Hisar : @5pm & 9:30pm

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Flight Route

Flights has been started for the route Hisar<=>Chandigarh (in 18 seater airplane @INR 1700/-)

Other routes to be started soon are:




After getting proper environmental clearance from the concerned authorities.

DGCA has approved these flight routes.

This is as per Sept, 2019 news.

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β€’β€’Its an airstrip (sometimes called Narnaul Airstrip also), not a fully developed airport.

β€’β€’Near Mirzapur (Haryana) on Narnaul-Rewari highway.

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(no subject)

It should have more flights

Nice city no. 1

It is really the Paris of haryana

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International aurpory

Please make the international airport in bhiwani

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Domestic Airport for Karnal

For Karnal Airport firstly karnal is the institutional and agricultural hub because in karnal there are many world class research institutions and karnal is also a great industrial area so for this karnal is required a domestic airport for all the needs

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Hissar airport is very very useful for domestic & economial purpose .This airport for trainer and mertologicalonly .I wish to that hissar airport will improve his status of flying more flight.

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VHF - 122.5

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Govt is planing for bhiwani should be made cargo internatio

with this bhiwani should be made as domestic airport also for the saving time & cost.

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Beautiful Karnal

Smart City Karnal will have a domestic airport soon.

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Smart City KARNAL - Best place to live in the middle of Delh

Being it an Agricultural Research Institutional & educational hub comprising of NDRI, Medical College & upcoming medical university in Kutail, surrounded industrial belts of Taraori & Panipat, there is an great need of a domestic airport in Karnal. Karnal is one of most emerging future cities of India.

Hopping for earliest opening of Karnal Domestic Airport & flying from here soon.

Smart Karnal ...... Green Karnal............................

Karnal maange more..........................................................................................

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(no subject)

Is there really an airport in Hussar? I don't seem to find any flights to and from it.

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Karnal airport has been passed as a domestic airport in India

It will beat to chandigarh airport soon

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Karnal is upcoming city of haryana

soon will be like delhi

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air port

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1st visitor on this

good to see near by me

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Made this international airport

Please govt make this international of not possible atleast make this national,,govt is making airport at maham which is not so far from bhiwani,,so make bhiwani the best it saves the money,

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Should be made as an International airport

It is a top site for making an international airport.

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About safety

There is no safety in campus,i think al wil surprise to knw that thief made their home everyngt in campus

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please improve the airport

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