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WebSite for this airport is Incorrect, in the dataset


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There is not much room for Near and dear of travellers either to seat and alas to stand.GMR has provided no facilities to wash even.The Begumpet airport which served earler in HYD was better.why such complacency for visitors needs .GMR must answer.

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Old memories

My air experience on 31/01/1971.On this runway. Solo at begumpet.

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Elevators are very less in number and small in size too to handle passengers during rush hours.

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Improper traffic and crowd management by GMR at arrivals and departure gates, causes huge inconvenience to all at times.

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this airport closed

mamunur airport of warangal is closed in 1996, in Chandrababus's regime.

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re: abba entha peddha airport ooooo !

don't you know Hindi.... or English

rubbish man

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Old memories

NCC training and Andhra Pradesh Flying Club training in 1978.

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Comm Freq Change


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abba entha peddha airport ooooo !

Na jeevetham lo entha peddha airport akkada chudaledhu... Believe me folks !

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where is hakimpet airport located?


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Nadirgul Runway NDGL

Nadirgul Airport

Nadirgul Airfield

IATA: none – ICAO: none


Airport type Public

Owner Government of India

Operator Airports Authority of India

Location Hyderabad, India

Elevation AMSL 1,811 ft / 551.9 m

Coordinates 17Β°18β€²21β€³N 078Β°33β€²38β€³ECoordinates: 17Β°18β€²21β€³N 078Β°33β€²38β€³E



Direction Length Surface

ft m

10L/28R 3,000 914.4 Paved

10R/28L 3,000 914.4 Un-Paved

Nadirgul is a small airstrip, 12 nm South-East of Hyderabad located on the Nagarjuna Sagar Highway. Nadirgul airfield has two runways both of which are just about 3000' long and 75' wide. The main runway is paved, while the second runway is un-paved.

This airfield has been serving primarily the needs of the aspiring trainee pilots in Hyderabad. As of now Andhra Pradesh Flying Club(APFC), Flytech Aviation Academy and Rajiv Gandhi Aviation Academy(RGAA) are using this field to train pilots. Flytech Aviation has set up its own hangar in this field.

Nadirgul has no instrument approach procedure laid as there are no radio navigational equipment installed. Nadirgul is classified to VMC conditions and no night landing facilities like REIL, REL, ALS, Taxiway lights, PAPI and VASI etc. are installed. The runway orientation is 10-28 paved surface. Interestingly, Nadirgul has an unpaved runway RW10R-RW28L parallel to the paved(and main)runway. The runway is slightly inclined towards RW28 (RW28 is 1804' and RW10 is 1790'). Local surface winds favor the use of RW28 till the late August and RW10 till the late February. Though not designated (and maintained) as a runway, a specific portion of the airfield is left as a cross-runway (RW14-RW32 they call). Though not often used, the primary idea is to facilitate any emergency landings, if needed during the training flights(trainees mostly fly single engine planes like Cessna 152 and Cessna 172). The circuit altitude is 2600' and the pattern is South of the field as North of Nadirgul is residential area. For all practical purposes, METAR and TAFOR issued for Hyderabad airport are used. Also, there is no specific ATC here, but the trainees usually do the needful.

After the opening of the Rajiv Gandhi International Airport at Shamshabad, all the training flights were supposed to be shifted to the Begumpet Airport. But Nadirgul still remains active in service.

Tower 123.250 MHz

Latitude 17* 18' 21" N

Longitude 078* 33' 38" E

Elevation 1811'

Position R-148 HHY VOR at 12 nm

Runway Length Width Surface

10L 3000' 75' Paved

28R 3000' 75' Paved

10R 3000' 75' Un-paved

28L 3000' 75' Un-paved

Aerodrome Reference Code Number Aerodrome Reference Code Letter

2 B

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Nadirgul Runway Runway Heading 28/10 3000ft, 75ft.

5 nm from VOHY VOR on Radial 150


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ATC NO: 040-27902491

APD OFFICE: 040-27903785

APD FAX: 040-27906001


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Hyderabad's new airport

This airport opened on 23 March 2008, replacing Hyderabad's old Begumpet airport VOHY (which is still open for military and some private aviation), and taking over the HYD IATA identifier.

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No more scheduled airline service

On March 23, scheduled airline service to Begumpet stopped and switch to Rajiv Gandhi International Airport (VOHS), which also took over the "HYD" IATA identifier. Begumpet is still used for some private aviation and as a military air base.

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