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I was very disappointed with Hap's. You would think for an airport that size and an FBO that has been operating since 1946(or whatever the sign said) they would have better service. I landed here two times, once for fuel and lunch, and the second to stay overnight. Neither time did an employee bother to clean my windscreen. When I landed to overnight, a line guy met me on the ramp to ask about fuel and parking. I was unloading my bags as he drove away in the golf cart. A pilot that landed in a jet and parked next to my 172 offered to help me with my bags since I was alone and had three bags to carry.

I hope for Hap's sake a better service FBO doesn't start up at Ames, because they would lose business with any competition whatsoever.

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Hap's Air

Great place to rent with. Always helpful and quick to help with questions. Can't find a better FBO.

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