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re: Nice little airport

Reply to @rw2: Have now done the breakfast at Picadilly Lilly. I can recommend the biscuits and gravy. They have lots of sausage in their gravy. A half order is plenty of food.

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re: Nice little airport

Reply to @paulie: Yup, food is good there. Sat mornings folks from around Wisc fly in for breakfast. I haven't made that particular trip there, but I here that 10-15 planes will show up on a busy morning.

The terrain is quite pretty as the Wisc river has been a protected waterway for ages and very little development was ever permitted along it.

Can be slightly difficult to find. VOR or GPS will be your friend to get you close unless you stay pretty high so you can see down into the river valley to spot it.

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Nice little airport

I grew up around this airport, so it holds a special place in my heart. These days, its a nice little airport with a nice long runway. I hear the cafe is quite good for a home cooked meal.

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