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Preston Airport
Preston, Idaho, United States

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Not to be missed by fans of the movie. Preston is the hometown of filmmaker Jared Hess, who filmed Napoleon Dynamite there. It has been called the "middle of nowhere" and that is an apt description. In Idaho, but just a few miles north of the Utah border. The mountains are still high and rugged (9,500 ft) but the valleys are wide in this part of Idaho and there are lots of farms.

I landed at Preston (U10) before noon and taxied in to the "terminal". The airport was at 4,700 ft elevation and it was very hot and dry. There was self-serve fuel. There was a little lounge and washrooms that reminded me of the old clubhouse at Rockliffe Flying Club - you use pliers to turn on the water! There was an unlocked courtesy car in the carport beside the terminal, but no ignition key for the vehicle. I looked all over for a key or someone who had a way to get into town. There was NOBODY around - I stayed there for 90 minutes, and no one came by. No cars drove by. I looked in several hangars, there were vehicles parked in front, but nobody there. So, since the temperatures were already climbing into the 95+, and the forecast was 108F for the afternoon, I grabbed a granola bar and a bottle of water out of my cooler and departed for Wyoming. A shame really, since I would have loved to drive into town to have a milkshake and look at Preston High School. Gosh!!

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