NOTAMS for Dayrestan Airport

This is not an official NOTAM source, and NOTAMs may be missing or out of date. Includes only aerodrome-specific NOTAMS.

NOTAM A0849/21: Dayrestan Airport (OIKQ)

A0849/21 NOTAMR A4252/20 Q) OIIX/QLBAS/V/M/A/000/999/ A) OIKQ B) 2103211538 C) 2106201400 EST E) ABN U/S. CREATED: 21 Mar 2021 15:42:00 SOURCE: OIIIYNYX

NOTAM A0848/21: Dayrestan Airport (OIKQ)

A0848/21 NOTAMR A4321/20 Q) OIIX/QLAAS/IV/NBO/A/000/999/ A) OIKQ B) 2103211536 C) 2106201400 EST E) RWY 05 SALS NOT OPR DUE TO PWR. CREATED: 21 Mar 2021 15:40:00 SOURCE: OIIIYNYX

NOTAM A0847/21: Dayrestan Airport (OIKQ)

A0847/21 NOTAMR A4320/20 Q) OIIX/QOBCE/IV/M/AE/000/999/ A) OIKQ B) 2103211533 C) 2106201400 EST E) A MAST ERECTED WITH FLW SPECIFICATIONS: POSITION: 264535N 0555402E, HGT: 145FT DIST FM CL RWY 23: 495M , LIGHTED. CREATED: 21 Mar 2021 15:37:00 SOURCE: OIIIYNYX