VE67 weather

Machuka Advanced Landing Ground
Arunachal Pradesh, India

Public forecast

Using degrees Celsius for public forecast. Weather courtesy of

Closest aviation weather report (METAR) to Machuka Advanced Landing Ground

Report is more than 6 hours old.

Closest report is Nyingchi Airport, 43.5 nm (80.5 km) NNE. Retrieved 2014/02/18 09:00 UTC (6 years ago):

ZUNZ 180900Z AUTO VRB02MPS 9999 /// ////// 07/M23 Q1021 NOSIG

Closest aviation forecast (TAF) to Machuka Advanced Landing Ground

Forecast is more than 12 hours old.

Closest forecast is Along Airport, 44.0 nm (81.4 km) SE. Retrieved 2019/09/10 06:30 UTC (1 month ago):

TAF VEAN 100330Z 1006/1018 09008KT 6000 SCT020 SCT025 BKN090 TEMPO 1014/1018 3000 TSRA SCT025 FEW030CB BKN090