Barwon Heads Airport

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Barwon Heads Airport is the home base for 3 OurAirports members. It has had 3 visitors.

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great place

I called in there the other day and was made very welcome. great coffee there ,fuel available, great scenery and nice people .

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Parachute Operations

Beware of intensive Parachute Operation up to FL 110; 12 months per year

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Did mine here yesterday as well it was fun. And plan on doing my training here as well. :)

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re: re: TIF

I hope there's WiFi and a decent restaurant, at least.

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I also did my TIF there, had a ball. There were no hassles for me.


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re: TIF

Been stuck here at the airport due to flood

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great place

did my tif at barwon heads it was great ,nice people, looking forward to my next lesson ,great place ,couldn't think of a place with better views to learn to fly.

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Fools at the airport

probably the most small minded arrogant fools I have ever had the misfortune of dealing with.

Very dangerous place to fly due to the ultralights without radio doing as they please, and the idiots based there that think they are gods gift to aviation and hang around in small groups insulting pilots. Normally found in the bar flying....... because they can't in real life.

Don't bother stopping there unless you want to be insulted by fools.

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re: Fools at the airport

Reply to @passerthrough:

Pop in anytime for a coffee and a chat. maybe we can sort out your problem as all aricraft operating from YBRS have and use radios.

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plane crash

a very dangerous place for joyflights never go there

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re: plane crash

I think you have the wrong airport

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