Castlemaine Airport

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Contact details

For landing permission call Gary on 0419 552 425

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Updated August 2017

I flew into the strip after getting permission from the owner via phone (number in AOPA guide on ozrunways). It had been raining heavy in the week leading up, but the strip was still usable, but you need to stay off the grass as it is quite soft. Also the first 100m of 09 was a bit boggy so I landed long. I was in a c172. Yes it is narrow, and 27 has an up hill slope from the threshold, but not a problem if you have landed on such strips before. Be careful of 09 departures at high density altitude/MTOW due to rising ground after departure. Landing fee payable in the shed, there is a money slot. All up a good strip, lovely location.

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Updated runway condition April 2014

This is a private runway now and permission must be obtained from the owner. The details are in the AOPA or country airstrip guide. I landed and took off from the east/west runway with ease in my RV7. There are rocks protruding from the surface, but is still fine for light aircraft. This is a narrow strip being marginally wider than my wheels.

The owner says the North/South strip may be too rocky to use and he prefers people to use the East/West as it is longer as well.

This is current as of April 2014.


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Runway Condition

I went & inspected the East-West runway by foot to see if it was suitable to land there on my next visit. The runway is clay/dirt, 1.5 car width, narrow, with a slight undulation along it. There are rocks that protrude from the surface, but nothing that a standard or heavy duty aircraft wheel would not be able to handle. You could only turn around at the runway thresholds.

There are no services out there. An unlocked gate to get to the airfield, but then another gate is locked at access to hangar and tarmac parking. It may be a private airport now, but best to phone the Castlemaine Council. It would actually be a great airfield if runway condition better.

I did not get to observe the North-South runway, but as I drove away, it did not look like it was operational, as of Dec. 2011.

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