Fiskville Airport
Fiskville, Victoria, Australia

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About Fiskville

Runway 09/27 is a gravel one about 800m and the aerodrome is used by the emergency services but I think they will let you land with prior permission without problem. Try (03)53667200. I think it is correct. I would definitely call first before going there. I hear there are toilets there but that’s about it. Bacchus Marsh aerodrome is a short fly to the east and may be more suitable for avgas and ease of landing if you are just passing and need a rest stop.

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re: One runway only

Reply to @ptomblin: I'll assume for now that that is the correct location.

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re: One runway only

If you click "Show Points of Interest", is that marker on what you mean?

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One runway only

The location on the picture is due south of the aeroplane icon. You can see the east/west runway just north of the buildings and hedgeline. It is actually at the CFA training facility.

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