Lilydale Airport

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Lilydale Airport is the home base for 8 OurAirports members. It has had 5 visitors.

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Picture of zachj

Friendly staff and good pricing

Staff are informative and friendly, easygoing on payment, in no way evil / greedy

Picture of jeremyBrowne

No idea why these comments are so negative

Great airport running a great training operation. Well maintained facilities and aircraft, great prices and great staff to back it all up.

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Where is this all coming from?

I'm reading all the negative comments and can't understand where it is all coming from...

I've been doing my flight training at Lilydale for the past year and it has been nothing but a great experience! Best value for money training that I could find in the greater Melbourne area. They have friendly and proficient instructors and staff. No landing fees, short taxi ways and you don't have to wait ages for clearance.

I would highly recommend a visit!

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Go to Coldstream

The most UN friendly money grabbing airport ever, do yourself a favour and use Coldstream instead. All smiles and no mention of paying. GIVE LILYDALE A WIDE BERTH.

Picture of iatacodes

another base

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Greed Greed and MORE GREED

The most greedy and cunning family operated airport ever, lies and more lies from the Owners Son, and the Mums worse, the lies start the moment they open their mouths, STAY AWAY,,,

Picture of

feedback appreciated

Hi anonymous you are welcome to call or enail at any time with your concerns as im a little confused where they come from given; we have no landing fees, we welcome anyone to drop in so long as they call first, our Avgas prices are cheaper than the neighbour and we have the best hire rates for RA and GA aircraft in Melbourne.

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Horrible People

Called in to check the place out, been listening for years about the evil greedy owners, met the wife and son of the owner,,,yep it's ALL TRUE,,, just two words of advice, STAY WELL AWAY.

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Bad Owners

Flew in the to get fuel,,,, talk about rude and money hungry !!!! NEVER AGAIN.

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Be Very Carefull

Flown in there a few times, fuel very expensive, runways very rough and un even, and the owners just wanting your cash $$$$$$ Beware !!

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