Phillip Island Heliport

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re: Airfield now closed

"have they no vision!"

Mate, that statement could be changed to "They Have No Vision" and then applied to everyone in charge of anything down here.

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Airfield now closed

A crying shame for the Island, the owners have closed access and will probably develop the land for housing. It could be a very busy airfield if it was developed to cater for the GP traffic, shame on the owners, have they no vision!

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The reason why I want a PPL

Or at least something to look forward to !

Every year Phillip Island is home to the Australian Moto Grand Prix. In October 2004 I rode there with a mate all the way down from Sydney to attend the Grand Prix and witness Valentino Rossi historic win on the Yamaha, claiming back-to-back championships on two differents bikes (he won the 2003 championship on a Honda).

It's a very scenic but also a very long way from Sydney (we got there via Princes Hwy, and back via the Great Alpine Road which caused some overenthusiastic riding and subsequently claimed the life of a soft-compound rear tyre).

I sold my bike 2 years ago and when I resumed flying, I made it an objective to get my PPL in time for the 2007 MotoGP in order to fly there (safely). I am not flying often enough to reach that objective though.

Still, am going this year, flying commercial via Melbourne, and will fly there as a PPL pilot in 2008 (hopefully)

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