Comment "customs guy took some of my stuff to give to his wife" on Tan Son Nhat International Airport, Vietnam

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customs guy took some of my stuff to give to his wife

I was travelling back to vietnam for christmas (i am an expat), and I brought a lot of christmas presents for my friends and colleagues. I was on my way out when the customs guy ordered me to open my bag and when he saw the goodies he said I had to pay for bringing in those stuff (they were trinkets, random things really). I told him I wasn't selling them, and that they were gifts (very obvious because they were in little bags). He picked 3 really nice items and he asked if he could have them. He had a really cheeky smile on his face and he said he was gonna give them to his wife. Which was really annoying because it was either pay up, or give me some stuff. My hands were tied, and i felt like i was mugged. seriously.

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