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chileka 1970

Learnt to fly there. good (light) traffic experience from first flight on. Solo 6:35. Throttle failure, forced landing 16:00. PPL flight test 40:10. Thank you Les Antrobus. (and Norman Edwards [ex-RAF Spitfire Instructor], and Jerry Dunn [ex-RRAF]. Dudley Barlow, [ex Bomber Command, 26000 hrs], declined my request for instruction. Said he could'nt steer without 4 throttles. And a few others. Can you imagine the parties in the airway club pub. And a Speedbird Captain making a special visit to buy me a beer after my throttle failure (and thank me for getting out of the way of his VC10 which was on long finalsat the time. At 43:00 hours, Chip Kay, gave me two hours of short field landing at Confortzi's {loose sand], Malamula [trees bothends, goats in the middle] and finally at his home base, Satemwa,[starting at 500', full flap, full throttle,yoke back under your ribs,full up trim, stall warning screaming,total commitment at 400ft, touch on a veritable golf tee.....] I still sweat at the thought but revelled every second.

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