Comment "Floatplane/seaplane" on Zerniki Gadki Airfield, Poland

Picture of Badzelewicz


First Floatplane/seaplane flight school in Poland. Members of SPA, AOPA, EAA & WAI wecome. Very friendly FBO to GA, privately own, certif. maintenance/repiare station, airplane rental, used airplane sale from US, flight school, bar and motel. The best deal in town for over night hangar parking. Certif. flight instructors EASA and FAA. Help with filing and file a FP. Possibility of renting a safety pilot and tour guide operator. Open on call 24/7. Very short distance to Poznań. A lot of attractions in vicinity of airport including: bars, restaurants, shopping mall, night clubs, go-go bars, historical places and fishing on the spot. Before arrival call owner +48 609 121 626. For more info. go to or search the page.

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