Comment "Interesting" on Aldinga Airport, Australia

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Mmmm. Reading all the blogs it would seem that there are a number of SOB's with nothing to do.

In fact, I am one of those SOB's and do know 5 other SOB's who have said it as it is.

Perhaps if the operators at Aldinga would take note, and undergo a Anal Optasectomy to sever the optic nerve between their backsides and eyeballs they may have a better outlook on life and stop poohing on others nor acting as they are Gods gift to the Australian Aviation Industry.

Many airman died to protect their Pommie island. Poms, Canadians, Americans, Cheks, Poles, South Africans, New Zealanders and Australians.

( Perhaps they should remember that the POMS did not really win, the Germans lost)

And then when the flying Club at Aldinga celebrated the Battle of Brittan, one of then came running out of their sacred ground and abused the Flying Club members in front of everyone as they did not like the flying. Strange is it not, when you think that they would be thankful that their sorry bum was saved by so many who sacrificed their lives for them. They are a weird mob alright. So I, as others will, will wonder just who real the SOB's are.

Live in a glass house, should not throw stones lady as when someone throws a stone back you scream foul??????So when you bow out and start showing some respect to the Australian Aviators and stop slagging them and running to CASA then just maybe, you may just start earning some respect from the real aviators in Australia. If that is possible. So go away and start calling us who say it as it is some worse names than SOB. Oh and by the way, the biggest stone thrower and dobber at Aldinga cannot even fly an aircraft. How good is that?

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