Comment "ADG goes EPA" on Aldinga Airport, Australia

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ADG goes EPA

The operators who continually breached the agreement of 20,000 movements p.a. ( Over 40,000 movements, in breech of the act) applicable to the airfield, have now been the main reason that the airfield has to have an EPA license.

What a disaster and what a tragic result and sad result for a beautiful country airfield. All in the name of the dollar and at every other shareholders expense in terms of rules, regulations, impositions, restrictions, pending fines and whatever else the EPA can come up with.

This will now be the only EPA licensed airfield in South Australia. A Government Environment Protection Dept.

It makes one wonder what compensates for greed? At the imposition and impact on others airfield users who did not violate the rules and therefore are not responsible for this airfield now to be forced to be EPA licensed.

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