Comment "second capital of bihar/capital of north bihar is Muzaffarpu" on Muzaffarpur Airport, India

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second capital of bihar/capital of north bihar is Muzaffarpu

Muzaffarpur is second capital of bihar and capital of north bihar that is northern side of gangas river in bihar and capital of about 22 district of north bihar purnea to saran commissary .muzaffarpur is largest/biggest city of north bihar due to its geographical and center govt. policy but patna is bigger city due to only govt policies of bihar because bihar govt always ignore north bihar. all india medical sciences (aiims )should must in muzaffarpur.govt should give zoo, museum, platarium and also a big airport in muzaffarpur north nihar . govt regional offices and high court bench should be in muzaffarpur.and a big airport also should be in muzaffarpur not in patna because north bihar population is near about 7 crores.only muzaffarpur city is center point so govt should take initiative.


citizen of north bihar(india)

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