Comment "YADG" on Aldinga Airport, Australia

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Nice tea and scones , a couple of biplanes and a few taildragging aircraft doesnt make up for ridiculous increases in traffic , crowded circuits , 100hr inexperienced RA instructors and rude unsafe radio etiquette . I'm disgusted at whats become of this once fine example of a Australian GA strip .Its been 9 months since I last landed my twin there and until Adelaide Biplanes and their commercial operation leave it will be my last . It saddens me to think that this is somehow what they want , total control of the YADG CTAF . I feel for the original hangar owners who based their aircraft there , lets hope Casa the EPA and the Aldinga Aviation group do the right thing .

And yes I am anonymous. .. Ive been warned of the smear campaign tactics of ABP .

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