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Adelaide Bi planes

I am a resident of Sellicks Hill and have lived here nearly 30 yrs ,l am not one to stir the pot or carry on unnecessarily , so i would like to think my comments are of a relevant nature.

Up until approximately 2008 the amount of air traffic was totally ok and somewhat enjoyable , but now the constant drone has become a real annoyance . Some days I have counted a minimum of 4 aircraft doing takeoffs and landings continuously during daylight hours not to mention other aircraft coming and going . Im not one to spoil anyones fun but its really got hard to not say anything . My research tells me that theres been restrictions to help improve things but from a residents point of view I cant see any improvement at all .

I have nothing against having a airstrip there and would hate to see it shut but I guess its just a case of " fair go mate " surely Aldinga biplanes could move to somewhere like parafield , this may be a incorrect assumption as I am not a aviator but isnt Parafield there for operations like this ?

Tony , Sellicks Hill

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