Comment "Where there is smoke, there is a fire" on Aldinga Airport, Australia

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Where there is smoke, there is a fire

Whow, Have just been browsing the aerodromes in South Australia planning a trip from NSW to WA via S.A.

I planned to stop over at either Goolwa or Aldinga for fuel etc.

I am stunned at all the negative comments about Aldinga whilst the likes of Goolwa and other surrounding airfields have no bad comments.

Seems as if there is smoke there is a fire as if maybe one person posts a bad comment, that would be acceptable as one cannot please everybody.

But having now read all the comments about Aldinga, I would suggest that there may be some serious issues which should be addressed there.

It is not all about coffees and cakes, its about aviation, aviators and their aircraft and needs.

Needless to say, thanks to those who have been upfront enough to inform the rest of us.

I thought that I would pause and phone Goolwa at this stage.

Bloke there will make a vehicle available (No charge) to us if required, and will organize accommodation at our cost. Fair enough.

Solves that. I would rather stop somewhere which does not have the bad feedback and postings like Aldinga.

Sad that, as I flew in there years ago. lovely peaceful country airfield with small office and flying school and such a lovely friendly women who's name my wife tells me was Lorraine???

I guess that at times new ownership with big high flying ideas do not always work out and would suggest that maybe this is the case with Aldinga.

No longer the quint quite lovely place that we found it to be.

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