Comment "Aldinga Airfield. . . . Grow up and Grow some Balls." on Aldinga Airport, Australia

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Aldinga Airfield. . . . Grow up and Grow some Balls.

Reading all of these comments for the first time is interesting, Oh and so brave or the Pilots commenting without signing you name to anything. It reminds me of school girls bitching about something they don't like. Seriously I have been Flying out of YADG for 10 years. It is a great local airfield (That is NOT owned and operated by Adelaide Bi-Planes) and If you cant fit in to a circuit that has multiple runways in operation then get some more training it's pretty basic. Right hand circuits are in place to appease the few locals who have tried to shut down the field due to noise. . . whom purchased well after the field was registered and they failed. . . hence the EPA saga, it was there last resort.

The comments about ABP and the EPA are both uneducated and unsubstantiated and I will leave it at that, if you don't know anything about it don't comment on it because you sound like a tit.

The Aviation community is small and we should be all trying to support each other not shit on each other.

Tim Whitrow. Local very bad Pilot who seems to piss everybody off..

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