Comment "It is inhumane to subject the residents to deafening noises" on Tengah Air Base, Singapore

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It is inhumane to subject the residents to deafening noises

I live at Choa Chu Kang and recently planes were flying from morning to night. And that is not the worst part of it. They were flying very very close to the rooftop of HDB blocks. I do understand the importance of security. BUT SECURITY is not everything and citing security is not sufficient to ear rape the residents with no thoughts given to how we might deal with those noises that affect us very badly. I believe if officials were serious about public's sentiment and health, they would have devised ways to minimize the sound. But they very acts by mindef seems to suggest they do not pay a single mind to it. Just cry 'security' and everyone will be forced to accept it. is this how you guys think? military mindset breeds arrogance, I am sure. but this is too much. let people live in peace at night. they work like cows every single day. you have a brain and use it to think.

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