Comment "handling fees are a rip off" on Luxembourg-Findel International Airport, Luxembourg

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handling fees are a rip off

I have been there with a 172. Not even the very cheep (compared to Germany) fuel for an by intention an almost empty 172 hawk could compensate the landing fees, taxi fees, follow me fees, custom and security fees. On top of that we had to disuss if we are permitted to carry a nail sissor in our private airplane (coming from an gras airfield we could have brought in hundreds of kilos of TNT, nobody cared, but carring a nail sissor in the hand bag going back to our plane was a tremendous problem...) all this makes LUX a very unpleasant airport. I wont go nera ELLX any time soon! Rather go to the colse by airfields in France or Germany! And this is condidereing that part of my family lives about 3km from that airport.

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