Comment "Fiedl 'ident' in CSV file uses old ICAO (HSSS)" on Khartoum International Airport, Sudan

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Fiedl 'ident' in CSV file uses old ICAO (HSSS)

I am reporting that the CSV dump of the airport DB for the 'ident' field still uses the old ICAO, HSSS, instead of the new one, HSSK.

(Probably 'keyword' needs changing too)

My understanding is that the 'ident' field is about ICAO code, from the Data dictionary page (

"The text identifier used in the OurAirports URL. This will be the ICAO code if available. Otherwise, it will be a local airport code (if no conflict), or if nothing else is available, an internally-generated code starting with the ISO2 country code, followed by a dash and a four-digit number."

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