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Apparently we must distinguish two aerodromes: on the one hand the former Soviet Air Base, LKML, now closed; on the other hand the active ultralight field LKMILO. I consider adding a separate entry, but it remains confusing. NB: thanks to @Bill35 for pointing out the official CZ VFR flight guide!

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re: Appears closed

Reply to @david: so I did mark it as "closed"

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re: Appears closed

Reply to @david: and white closed-runway Xs!

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Appears closed

@Spinner reported this airport closed. Newer satellite imagery on Google shows a road running along the strip now and out both ends.

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(no subject)

Now again mentioned as operational per

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closed, and yet...

According to official sources, this field is closed; however certain sources seem to indicate landing there is not completely impossible. The NON-OFFICIAL aerodrome database, edition 2015, ( even mentions the availability of AvGas and MoGas.

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Re: Freq

Just click [edit] next to the freq and fill in the correct info. I see someone has already done it but now you know for the next time.

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LKPM airport freq is 118.750, not 123.5 as shown in database. What is the process to correct?