Guadalcanal Province, Solomon Islands

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Originally Henderson Field

For people interested in Second-World-War history.

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re: HIR

Reply to @Ozguy: It really needs TLC. Yesterday 18 Aug 2015, the toilets were broken, smelly and unclean. In the departures terminal the toilets were too foul to use. An airport is a major gateway to any country. As the Solomons tries to improve its image, it should start with the airport.

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re: ICAO id change?

The ICAO Location Indicators pub from June 2008 agrees with the last DAFIF, so I've changed the identifier to AGGI. I've also used the ICAO spelling of the airport name, and put the other spelling in the keywords.

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ICAO id change?

It appears that in the last DAFIF data, this was called AGGI, not AGGD. I wonder why it changed?

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Needs some TLC.

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