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The first direct flight from the UK to Beja operated 22May11

The First of 22 weekly flights operated from the UK to Beja yesterday Sunday 22May. For the first date only the return flight to the UK was rescheduled to depart Beja at 17:00 to allow Journalists and UK Travel Agents a chance to explore some of the area. The schedule for the remaining flights will be LHR/BYJ 06:00/08:40 BYJ/LHR 09:40/12:30 every Sunday Morning. Flights can be booked via flights cannot be booked via as this is not a normal bmi flight. It is operated by bmi on behalf of Sunvil Discovery. Flight Only prices start from £98 o/w, price is fully inclusive and includes baggage and on board meal service. - For further information contact Sunvil Discovery on +44 (0)20 8758 4722